Mission Trips!

17 Feb

Hello everyone!  Especially those who are here to keep track of me and how their support has been put to good use!  This blog is for my supporters as well as for others to keep track of how God is at work in and through me!  For those of you who do not know I am currently going on two mission trips.  For spring break I will be going to California to the Catalyst Conference for emerging leaders, then this summer I will be going to Uganda Africa to do mission work there and hopefully a nursing internship as well!  I am so excited to see how God will use me and teach me through this amazing opportunity!  We will be staying and working through a non-profit organization called Kyampisi Child Ministries!  It will be a life changing experience!  I look forward to keeping you posted and to see God work.



My first mission is to trust God to provide for me financially through support from friends and family.  This will require Him to work in huge ways, but I trust in Him to follow through like he always does!

I am waiting with great anticipation for these trips and to watch God’s hand in all of it!  I want to say a special thanks to all of those people who are supporting me financially or who are praying about it!  Thank you so much!  May God’s blessings flow back to you!


Blog Purpose

17 Jan

Hey everyone!  I am starting a personal blog for a few reasons.

First, I would like this to be a place for me to express my thoughts and feelings about my walk with Christ.  Also, I want to be able to see how God is working through my life and to be able to look back and see how His hand has played a role in becoming who I am supposed to be.

Second, I would like this to be a place to share my experiences from my life.  Most currently life at college, but more importantly my planned mission trips to Irvine, California and Uganda, Africa!  This will be a way to keep people in line with how God is using me and how I am growing through these amazing opportunities God has provided for me.

Third and lastly, for anyone who reads this to be encouraged from my thoughts and experiences.  Blogs are much like books.  It allows us to connect our thoughts and experiences and to share those thoughts with one another.

I pray God can speak to me through this blog and reveal things to me for His glory.  May he also reveal things through this blog to you as the reader in ways that I may never know!  God bless!

Hello world!

8 Dec

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